Physiology & Biomedical Services

IHA offers customized Physiology and engineering test services. Our capabilities span nearly all phases of research and development for various devices and applications such as remote medical monitoring, telemedicine and biometrics. We perform development and modification of hardware and software; building of prototype devices, and device validation studies in clinical trials. We are involved in various projects which range from medical device development, testing advanced life support systems; and testing of countermeasures to environmental stressors. In addition, IHA offers Biomedical Research services. Our specialized technical staff has provided support to the domestic and international partners of America's Space Program – Human Research Program in laboratories found at the Kennedy Space Center's Baseline Data Collection Facility and the Postflight Science Support Facility at Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards Air Force Base, California. The IHA team is highly skilled and experienced in providing technical support that includes:

  • Specialized hardware and software development
  • Equipment installation, testing, calibration and validation operations
  • Validation and checkout of biomedical monitoring systems for flight crew and human test subjects during space missions and ground-based research

We provide services to private companies and healthcare institutions and the government including the Department of Defense (DoD), and NASA at Kennedy Space Center.