About Us

InoMedic Health Applications

InoMedic Health Applications, Inc., (IHA) is a woman-owned, small business based in Hampton, VA. Since 1994 IHA has built a reputation for quality management of integrated health and environmental services programs. IHA is guided by our commitment to the development and implementation of innovative, customized programs in Health and Wellness, Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Protection, Preventive Medicine, Aviation Safety, Physiology & Biomedical Services, and other related disciplines. As a physician-owned company, IHA is uniquely qualified to help clients identify problems and proactively develop customized programs to achieve outstanding results.

IHA offers the full spectrum of effective solutions for today’s health, safety and environmental challenges, whether the requirement is to deliver direct clinical care, facilitate health systems management operations, provide aviation safety and health support services, implement an environmental protection or industrial hygiene program, advance education and training initiatives, or consult on biomedical research issues. With our superbly trained and experienced professionals, IHA is able to tailor our diverse services to satisfy a variety of workforce requirements. As a result, our clients enjoy a consistent quality of care resulting in a healthier and more productive workforce.